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mike's vision

A Leader for the Future

Lead Wooster in being positioned to meet the challenges of the second half of the 21st century

Invest in Downtown

Continue to lead on allocating funds for the support of private investment in downtown Wooster. 

Collaborate with Partners

Re-establish collaborative relationships with close community partners in Wayne County Commissioners, Chamber of Commerce, Wayne Economic Development, Visitors Bureau and Main Street Wooster

Support Housing Development

Establish development standards that support the construction of affordable housing units throughout the City of Wooster. Working with lenders to provide loans to resident owners or home buyers of historic housing stock.

Responsible Growth

Wooster must grow in order to support existing industry and remain competitive with neighboring communities. This growth must be done responsibly and focus on utilizing parcels currently in the City

Open City Hall to Community

Engage Citizenry with an open door policy focused on hearing and being responsive to the needs of our citizenry. 

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