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downtown wooster consistent & fAITHFUL supportER

  • Support and passage of Wooster's DORA – legislation creating the program in 2019​​

  • Supported legislation creating D5-L liquor Licenses in downtown Wooster; resulting in restaurants thriving throughout downtown.​

  • Since 2005, has led passage of 41 Community Reinvestment Area Investment Incentives in Downtown Wooster resulting in​

    • $320 Million in Private Investment​

    • Creation and Retention of 285 local jobs​

    • Revived a stagnant and deteriorating downtown.​​

  • Passage of Funding for Numerous Downtown Streetscape phases​​

  • Allocation of Funding for Small Business Façade Program​​

  • Supported Parking Lot Construction and Creation in Downtown Wooster​​

  • Allocated funds for Downtown Square Redevelopment & Revisioning

  • Supported the acceptance of and subsequent Redevelopment of the Freedlander Property​​

  • Supports the continuance of the Residential Community Reinvestment Area Incentives in the Downtown Area 

    • ​​ More than 100 homes have taken advantage of this incentive program


  • Strong Supporter of the Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce, Wayne Economic Development Council, Visitors Bureau and Main Street Wooster. Believes that all Bed Tax should be allocated to Non-Profit Agencies and Causes. ​

  • Passed legislation purchasing the 5-L Farm and Industry growth in Daisy Brand, Wooster Brush, Frito Lay and Fed Ex.

  • Protected City's Ground Water through the acquisition of the former Timken Property; location of Ground Water fields.

  • Acceptance of numerous Safe Routes to School Grants - building infrastructure and sidewalks throughout Wooster.​​

  • Brownfield Clean Up; Proactively participated in the acquisition & clean-up of the former Michelin Tire property on Liberty St.​

  • Strong Supporter of acquiring Layton School and subsequent reutilization of the property.

  • Believes in Capital Expenditures for Community Development while assuring Fiscal Responsibility

  • Promoter of Tax Increment Financing program - supporting responsible housing, commercial and industrial growth.​​

parks & recreation Quality of life is vital 

  • Led passage of Wooster's Bike Path Network – investing more than $2M in the project since 2017.​​

  • Introduced the acceptance and development of the Noble Park Project​​

  • Assisted in the development of the Clear Creek Park on Venture Blvd​​

  • Allocated funds for the support of Christmas Run Park Renovations​​

  • Supported the development and funding of the Knights Field Spray Park​​

  • Introduced legislation allocating funds to various improvements at Freedlander Park

    • Pool & Locker Room Upgrades and Chalet Renovation

sAFETY SERVICES Proud supporter of Police & Fire

  • State of the Art Equipment Purchases; keeping our service staff well equipped and safe

    • ​​Purchase of major apparatus in Ambulances and Ladder Trucks ​

  • Fire Station #2 Acquisition and Remodeling​​

  • Funding of Safety Service Department - on City's Northend.​

  • Allocation of funds for Redevelopment of Fire Station #1

Maintenance & Growth 

  • Allocation of funds for Street Improvements & Maintenance - Largest Allocation of Street Paving $$ in City History

  • Safety Improvement - Funding of Roundabout Development and Installation

  • Supporter of Wooster Community Hospital Growth & Expansion - removal of water tower and infrastructure removal.

  • Supporter of Housing Development - passage of Tax Increment Financing to bring new housing units to Wooster.​

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